Reiki meaning Universal life energy is a peaceful modality that promotes a deeper sense of relaxation & healing.

You are invited to your private, honouring & sacred space of Mana Wellbeing Centre. Your massage table will be set with light Linen and you will rest fully clothed in comfort. 

Reiki is received by the laying of hands of your professional and qualified Reiki practitioner. The life force energy flows within the physical body, through pathways called chakras, meridians & nadis. The life force energy also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. 

Reiki is a gentle and intelligent life force energy. Reiki clears and cleanses negative energy from within the physical body, mind, spiritual. Ki, being the positive life force energy is then able to flow with more Grace & Ease through body, mind & spirit to add vitality & balance for you. 

Reiki is incredibly beneficial for promoting healthy patterns and energetic boundaries. Your Reiki practitioner is able to share wisdoms on these benefits during your consult before your "laying of hands" Reiki is received. 

Mana Wellbeing Centre recommends to experience a full Reiki & Consult of 90 minutes for your first three visits.  

Mana Wellbeing Reiki honours & respects  the teachings of Dr Mikaomi Usui the founder of this technique of Reiki. 



30 minutes -  $50
60 minutes - $90
90 minutes  - $120


Reiki Credentials

Ngahuia is a traditionalist when it comes to rite of passage & protocol.  She finds it an honour to be part of the Usui system of Reiki Community. 

She was the youngest Reiki Master in Aotearoa for a number of years which meant she was fortunate enough to have many mentors that kept her inspired and, as elders do... In check!

It's been almost 15 years since her first Reiki Masters attunement & she’s been refreshed twice since. Ngahuia believes it’s really important to be refreshed and attuned after five years in Masters and certainly every ten years for Reiki Level One & Two practitioners. 

Fortunately the Mentors & Reiki Masters that Ngahuia is honoured to be connected to are good people and leaders in their fields of wellbeing. 

The teachers protocol she received for Reiki Level One was to experience the two day class attunement with practical & theory learnings. Then twenty two days of Reiki practice and meditation with affirmations daily followed by 12 months community service with Reiki at Reiki gatherings or for family & friends for exchange of hugs to gain confidence and experience. To be attuned Reiki level two would require at least 12 months in between. Reiki Level Two being a natural evolution in to your practise of Reiki.



Reiki Level three is the teaching of Reiki. With this comes the responsibility of ensuring the Reiki practitioner is confident and skilled with attunement and programmes protocol in Reiki. 

Ngahuia’s Reiki level three was a journey of two years and then only after the programme for teaching Reiki was all in place that she attuned her first Reiki Level one class. During that time she had the constant support of her two Reiki Masters that attuned her into Reiki three. To this day she still notifies her Reiki Masters when she’s about to teach Reiki Level one or two and she always extends an invitation to them when she’s having Reiki Gatherings. 

With these years of experience Ngahuia developed the Mana Wellbeing Centre Signature Reiki programs and gatherings.