Ka Huna Massage

This beautiful and complete massage provides a holistic approach to healing, by balancing the body, mind and it’s physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. This is a flowing, soft and deep tissue massage.

Ngahuia chooses to focus on the rite of passage that Ka Huna massage offers. Ngahuia offers a unique massage of celebration and honouring Ka Huna combined with Mirimiri practice (Maori ceremony massage) for the mother to be and guides young adults through their rite of journey.

It is also a traditional ceremonial massage for those going into marriage. After many years of experience in Mirimiri and Ka Huna massage this is where Ngahuia’s heart for sharing traditional, Polynesian massages now leads to.


 Huna massage table

Huna massage table


30 mins - $55
60 mins - $100
90 mins - $130