Ngahuia’s passion is supporting communities and creating events in which people can collaborate and work with each other.

Communities are trees, it is important that they are nurtured and empowered, remaining connected to strong  roots of culture and tradition, yet also available for evolving innovations and ideas. A community tree should thrive and each member of it should be interconnected and understanding of their role. Ngahuia enjoys encouraging individuals to build healthy communities and to connect to the lands and earth their homes and lives are built on.


Upcoming Events, gatherings and retreats



Mana Wellbeing Centre prides itself in offering beautiful and comfortable locations for our retreats. During these retreats we will share the arts of weaving, sharing stories, meditation, yoga, dream weaving, elder wisdoms, sound therapy, beautiful foods, teas and beverages. We invite special guest speakers to our retreats as well as plenty of time to simply rest and reflect.

Pre-booked, personal guidance readings and reiki healings are available with Ngahuia during the retreat with additional investment.

Payment plans are certainly available and conditions apply.



Mana Wellbeing Centre is proud to host Wellbeing gatherings such as full moon ceremonies that include our signature Mana Meditation and Tea temple gathering, together we share guided meditation, shared wisdoms, guidance readings, journaling and BUSH flower teas. All journals, mana meditation mats, blankets and pillows are provided. BUSH flower teas and ceremony packages are also available to purchase.

  “He rau ringa e oti, ai” - Maori proverb translating to  “Many hands make light work”

“He rau ringa e oti, ai”- Maori proverb translating to “Many hands make light work”



Mana Wellbeing Centre is delighted to participate and host many community events that bring our community together such as outdoor twilight cinemas, September spring fair markets and mentally fit EP wellbeing days.



Mana Wellbeing Centre hosts regular gatherings for all mamas to be and empowered mothers in community. This is a casual and safe circle for mothers and little ones to share wisdoms, tears, laughter and herbal teas. Our gatherings are set under big trees in our local parks, in Mana Wellbeing Centre temple or at an empowered Mana mama’s home. These gatherings are free to attend empowered Mana mamas are invited to bring a picnic for themselves and their little ones. Mana Wellbeing Centre provides herbal teas and picnic rugs to enjoy. Look to our events calendar for next gathering. New mamas are welcome.



Here are a collections of photos from our Instagram account from various gatherings and events run by Mana Wellbeing Centre.